How Did
Missouri Star Quilt Company Begin?

When our family moved to Missouri about 20 years ago, we never imagined that someday we’d be running a successful business here! Like many small towns in America, employment was (and is) scarce. So in November 2008, on a shoestring budget, we bought a building in Hamilton and started Missouri Star Quilt Company. At first we offered basic quilting supplies and machine quilting services, but business picked up when we started posting videos of Jenny (AKA “Mama Doan”) teaching simplified quilting techniques.

It wasn’t long before Missouri Star became the biggest quilting channel on YouTube! Now we offer the largest selection of precut fabrics in the world and ship thousands of packages to customers across the globe every day! All because of sewing tutorials on YouTube, Hamilton has become a tourist destination, attracting quilters from near and far. What started out as a family business has grown to include an entire community. We hope you’ll come visit us soon!

Meet Jenny

Jenny Doan is the smiling face of Missouri Star Quilt Company. Stitching together simplified quilts full of love and laughter, she makes quilting easier, more accessible, and friendlier than ever before. With over 350 YouTube videos and more than 110 million views to date, Jenny has sparked enthusiasm for quilting and warmed her viewer’s hearts across the globe. She teaches quilting tutorials online once a week and continues to share her story everywhere she goes. For her it’s a labor of love and a dream come true.

Stars Path

Golden Star!

Follow the yellow brick road right to Hamilton, Missouri, because Golden Star is back again and better than ever! Beginning October 1st, you can win prizes with every order over $25!

1. Use a lucky penny and scratch to reveal the prize code! Are you the big winner?

2. Enter code to redeem your prize at: msqc.co/goldenstar Hurray!

3. Share your winning card on social media at #msqcgoldenstar, click your heels,
and say “There’s no place like Missouri Star Quilt Co.”


Golden Star Game!


Stars Path
Stars Path

Read Block!

Block and ModBlock by Missouri Star Quilt Company are magazines we design, write, and publish in house here at MSQC! There are no ads in them, not a single one. They are filled with quilting inspiration, heartfelt stories, and 10 patterns for only $5.99 an issue. These beautiful, full-color magazines are intended to help you make the most of our online tutorials and use them to create your own unique quilts. We take our tutorials, write the patterns and instructions, then make the quilts out of new fabric with stories to go along with them. Every issue is truly from the heart. Start your subscription to Block Magazine and open up a world of quilting possibilities!

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Download App!

Take quilting on the road with you wherever you go with our handy free app featuring every single Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorial. It’s like having Jenny ride along in your pocket!

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Check Out Our Quilt Video Tutorials!

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Free Printable!

Create your very own Golden Star keepsake with this fun applique project. When you’re all finished, be sure to share it with us and you might be featured! #msqcgoldenstar

Thank you to our generous donors who helped make Golden Star shine!

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Meet Rob of Man Sewing

Rob Appell is the creative force behind Man Sewing. He’s full of boundless energy and enthusiasm for life! Man Sewing isn’t just for men, it’s for everyone. Rob is a guy who loves to sew and he’s proud of it! He’s thrilled to be able to share his passion with you. Join him on his YouTube channel for a new tutorial every Monday. It’s high voltage edu-tainment at its finest, where creativity meets caffeine. You can also check out www.mansewing.com and keep up to date with all the latest Man Sewing happenings.

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